the Fracture & Trauma Registry
Powered by PatientIQ

PatientIQ and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offer a turnkey solution to streamline registry participation.

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Registry participation simplified.

Like the AAOS, PatientIQ believes technology should help – not hinder – clinical discovery. PatientIQ was chosen to power the Fracture & Trauma Registry (FTR) to ease administrative and technological burdens associated with participation.

Data collection & aggregation

Utilizing FHIR-based APIs and other live integration functionality, PatientIQ will integrate its cloud-based platform directly with FTR participants’ electronic health record (EHR) to extract critical health information.

Data translation

Formatting data prior to submission is one of the most burdensome aspects of registry participation. PatientIQ will automate the process – translating necessary information into registry-compliant specifications.

Data submission

As a full-service offering, the Fracture and Trauma Registry, Powered by PatientIQ, includes PatientIQ submitting all procedural, post-operative, and patient-reported outcome data on your behalf.

"By leaning on PatientIQ’s expertise to deploy EHR-integrated outcomes programs, we take the power of our clinical registry to a new tier. This new registry offering will improve the often-cumbersome data submission process."
Headshot for Michael J. Gardner
Michael J. Gardner, MD, FAAOS

Chair, FTR Steering Committee



Enroll in the new FTR.

Hospital sites, ambulatory service centers (ASC) or institutions where fracture and trauma-related incidents are treated are invited to participate in the FTR.

Pathway Mockup for the Fracture & Trauma Registry