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PatientIQ is a full-stack outcomes, research, and patient engagement platform designed for those pushing the boundaries of medicine. We work with leading healthcare institutions, medical device companies and researchers to systematically quantify patient outcomes and drive medicine forward.


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You own the data
Powerful study designer &
electronic data capture platform
FDA Compliant E-Consent
Extensive library of
patient-reported outcomes
Designed to integrate
into a busy clinical practice
EHR integrations
Predictive biostatistics engine
Automated care pathways
Smart forms with conditional logic
Modern user experience
customer support included
Multicenter collaboration

Meet the Most Advanced Biostats Engine

Analytics Autopilot

With our proprietary analytics engine, Analytics Autopilot, providers and researchers are supported by machine-learning and advanced biostatistics to empower a real-time feedback loop through a cohort analysis, and smart data visualizations

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Switch to a new kind of research software

Optimized for the
in-demand clinician

with your EHR

decision logic

Equipped with
Analytics Autopilot

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