Two-Way Secure Messaging

Partner with Patients, Instantly

HIPAA-compliant, intuitive messaging empowers you to partner with patients without ever leaving the patient chart.

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A mockup of PatientIQ's two-way secure messaging features between patient and healthcare provider.
Streamline Workflows

One System for Care and Communication

Increase efficiency by communicating with patients on the same platform you use to monitor their progress.

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No Passwords or Portals

Enhance the Patient Experience

Empower patients with the ability to easily contact their care teams, including sending media messages, without having to manage multiple applications or passwords.

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Reduce Distraction


Adjust real-time notifications to manage overcommunication, reduce distractions, and lessen alert fatigue.

multi device mockup of satisfaction surveys
Increase Efficiency

Automated EHR-Integrated Workflows

Integrate with your EHR to reduce unnecessary duplication of procedures, collaborate on patient care, and ensure seamless clinical workflows

A mockup of PatientIQ's EHR-integrated SMART on FHIR application
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