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Meniscal Root Repair Randomized Clinical Trial

September 18, 2020

Meniscus Root Repair


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Project Overview

This multicenter, international randomized controlled trial evaluates the efficacy of operative versus non-operative treatment of meniscal root tears.

Project Details

Meniscus root tears have become an increasingly recognized problem that can lead to rapidly progressive arthritis. This problem typically did not have a formal treatment and was managed with cleaning up the meniscus or waiting until the arthritis had progressed enough to require a knee replacement. Recently, new technology has allowed for repair of these complex and troublesome tears; however, it is not clear how this treatment directly compares to the historical non-operative management.

As novel treatments evolve, its crucial to determine the safety and efficacy to ensure that patients have material benefit from these interventions. This study is funded in part by the ISAKOS group as it promotes multi-center collaboration to result in higher quality data. Though randomizing patients to operative (meniscus root repair) versus non-operative treatment, we will be able to follow their outcomes and determine the natural history of conservative management while also determining the benefit of surgical intervention.

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