Data-Driven Medicine

PatientIQ is a health tech company focused on building a big data learning platform to empower healthcare providers with deep insights into their patient outcomes and predictors of success. We are improving patient outcomes by unleashing the power of data-driven medicine.

The PatientIQ Platform

PatientIQ's cloud-based platform couples industry leading patient engagement technology with research quality advanced analytics. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters - improving patient outcomes.

The Smarter Way to Treat
Your Patients

Collaborate with leading healthcare providers, researchers, industry partners, and other stakeholders
passionate about improving patient outcomes.

Improving Patient Outcomes
powered by PatientIQ

What can big data and automated patient engagement technology unlock for your patient population?

Prevent Complications

Reduce ED Visit

Improve Protocol Compliance

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Automated Alerts

Identify At-Risk Patients

Deploy Predictive Models
(Coming Soon)

Reduce Readmissions

Save Time in Clinic