Deploy an EHR-integrated patient-reported outcomes program that elevates the patient voice throughout your organization

Built for care teams

ClinicalPRO is designed for any specialty or care setting, empowering care teams to automate the collection and analysis of patient-reported outcomes data at the point of care.

Built for care teams

ClinicalPRO is designed for any specialty or care setting, empowering care teams to automate the collection and analysis of patient-reported data at the point of care.

Make outcomes data actionable


Collect patient-reported outcomes at scale

Manual and outdated processes frequently impede the collection and analysis of patient-reported outcomes data.

With PatientIQ you can:

icons8-computer-100    Automate patient enrollment with EHR integration

icons8-terms-and-conditions-100     Access PROMs & CAT library

icons8-chart-50     Leverage advanced analytics at the point of care

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Education 9

Optimize patient engagement

Patient engagement, though vital, can be hindered without accessible and clear patient education.

With PatientIQ you can:

icons8-computer-100     Assign tasks by diagnosis, procedure and timeframe

icons8-choice-100     Enroll patients in custom education content

icons8-terms-and-conditions-100     Access diagnosis and procedure-specific library

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Enhance and amplify the patient experience

Patient feedback is essential for cultivating a positive reputation and improving the patient experience.

With PatientIQ you can:

icons8-comment-50     Automate satisfaction and online review generation

icons8-rating-50     Benchmark performance vs. competing businesses

icons8-dashboard-50     Aggregate and respond from a single dashboard
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Participate in registries and maintain compliance

Data submissions, whether for registries or maintaining quality and regulatory compliance, can place extensive burden on both clinical and administrative teams.

With PatientIQ you can:

icons8-journey-50     Cleanly pull key data from your EHR

icons8-workflow-50     Automate enrollment into collection outreach

icons8-submit-document-50     Aggregate and submit to third-party sites

Go beyond PRO collection

PatientIQ goes beyond patient-reported outcomes collection, offering real-time data analysis at the point of care.

Through individual patient scores, care teams can use PROs for clinical decision-making and tailor treatments based on individual patient progress, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and recovery.

Powered by the PatientIQ platform


Scalable integrations

Our platform was designed to easily integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) and work with every department to securely collect PROs. 

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Enterprise-grade security

Keeping patient health information secure is our highest priority. We go above and beyond to ensure true security for your organization's most sensitive data.

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Advanced Analytics-1

Advanced analytics built-in

Benchmark patient populations, and leverage our automated biostatistics engine, smart methods generator and data visualizations to optimize quality reporting.

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PatientIQ Network-1

PatientIQ network collaboration

The PatientIQ network is a collaborative for the most innovative healthcare organizations to share best practices, participate in registries, conduct research, and work together to push the boundaries of medicine.

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