Enhance efficiencies and boost completion with eCRFs

Deploy straightforward, user-friendly electronic case report forms (eCRF) that encourage participation from investigators, participants and research teams

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Create user-friendly eCRFs to ease participation

Optimize the process of creating, managing, and completing case report forms, simplifying the end-to-end process and reducing barriers to completion

How it works

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Seamlessly build custom forms

  • Easily construct forms designed for your custom endpoints ensuring they are concise, relevant, and user-friendly
  • Leverage clear instructions and a logical flow to gather comprehensive data while minimizing respondent burden
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Leverage logic to increase efficiency

  • Dynamically adjust questions based on past responses to present relevant questions only
  • Employ our user-centric approach to prevent fatigue, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency and accuracy 
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Embed provider forms in EHR workflows

  • Embed case report forms into the EHR to streamlining the completion process
  • Avoid time and resource constraints by displaying eCRFs in platforms providers use every day

Why it matters

Streamlining the eCRF submission process enhances participation from investigators, participants and research teams

  • eCRFs are essential for efficient, accurate, and compliant data collection

  • Easing eCRF submission boosts completion rates and ensures a good experience for your study participants

  • A streamlined eCRF process enhances the creation of high-quality research data


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