Educate patients to
improve outcomes

Engage patients from diagnosis to recovery with personalized, digital education.


Leverage our on-demand content library

Choose from over 1900 diagnosis and procedure-specific educational videos and automatically engage patients across their unique care journeys



Personalized patient engagement, made easy

From patient-reported outcomes data to patient education and custom content, leverage the PatientIQ platform to ensure the right patients receive the right information at the right time.

Automate patient education

Automate the delivery of personalized patient education

Leveraging an unparalleled rules engine, PatientIQ automatically delivers educational content to patients at the right time in their care journeys. From diagnosis to recovery, you can ensure your patients are informed with customized, on-demand content specific to their care.

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Easily deliver custom educational materials

Enhance your patient-provider relationship and ease administrative burden by automating the delivery of your custom content. Easily upload patient education or marketing materials, such as PDFs, videos, images, and other interactive content to inform and engage your patients.

Powered by the PatientIQ Platform


Scalable integrations

Our platform was designed to easily integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) and work with every department to securely collect PROs. 

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Enterprise-grade security

Keeping patient health information secure is our highest priority. We go above and beyond to ensure true security for your organization's most sensitive data.

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Advanced Analytics-1

Advanced analytics built-in

Benchmark patient populations, and leverage our automated biostatistics engine, smart methods generator and data visualizations to optimize quality reporting.

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PatientIQ Network-1

PatientIQ network collaboration

The PatientIQ network is a collaborative for the most innovative healthcare organizations to share best practices, participate in registries, conduct research, and work together to push the boundaries of medicine.

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