Make patient education personal

Provide personalized, digital patient education f
rom diagnosis to recovery



Empower patients with customized patient education modules

Turn patients into care partners by providing them with timely and relevant information throughout the patient journey

How it works

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Leverage our on-demand content library

Choose from over 1900 diagnosis and procedure-specific educational videos to build into patient-specific pathways


Customize education modules to fit your practice

Create your own educational content to embed within the PatientIQ platform for a seamless patient experience

Automate patient education

Deliver education content along with outcomes surveys

Customize care pathways to include both care-specific education and patient-reported outcomes surveys to maximize patient compliance

Why it matters


Providing patients with relevant, personalized education will foster a strong care team connection, reduce anxiety, and head-off frequently asked questions

  • Patients that feel a strong connection to their care team are more likely to be highly satisfied with their care

  • Clearly articulating information about a patient journey can go a long way towards calming patient nerves

  • Automating the distribution of patient education modules saves time during appointments and consultations by answer patient questions before they even arise


Who we work with

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