Powering patient participation through eConsent

Streamline patient enrollment through eConsent workflows designed to enhance site efficiency and facilitate patient access

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Optimize your digital eConsent workflows

Enhance patient enrollment and compliance with efficient digital consent management, clear communication, and comprehensive documentation

How it works


Manage consent templates to maximize efficiency

  • Streamline template management across multiple locations through a centralized hub


Track enrollment status to confirm consent completion

  • Optimize monitoring of enrollment progress and view real-time updates to confirm completion of informed consent forms


Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies

  • Adhere to strict regulatory standards like 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic signatures with the PatientIQ platform

Why it matters

A simplified eConsent process streamlines patient enrollment and ensures your project starts on the right track

  • A friendly user experience can help to maximize patient enrollment and participant compliance

  • A centralized management hub allows clinical researchers to keep studies moving forward on time



Who we work with

NorthShore MU OSU UMiami Oregon Health and Science Northwell USC UPMC UC UAB UNebraska Rush Mercy Health St. Lukes Mass General
AAOS NQF Restor3d MSSIC Onkos Embody OSSIO


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