Maintain data accuracy through remote monitoring

Monitor site participation while ensuring accurate and complete data with a single, convenient tool


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Improve the credibility and validity of your research

Effortlessly track incoming data and utilize advanced tools to maintain accuracy throughout your project

How it works

audit log

Monitor data in real-time

Prevent missed collection opportunities and efficiently manage sites remotely

audit, review, verify

Open & review queries

Request clarification of inconsistent study data and streamline team interactions to resolve discrepancies

track compliance

Track audit logs easily

Efficiently track every event, from modification to submission, maintaining accountability and data integrity throughout the project


Verify data with SDV

Identify discrepancies between source documents and the database with source data verification to minimize errors


Why it matters

Efficient remote monitoring is essential for reducing collection disruptions and guaranteeing the reliability of your data sets

  • The advanced validation tools available through PatientIQ streamline the process of reviewing and updating research data

  • Real-time data access allows you to stay on top of participation and head off disruptions at the start

  • The ability to monitor your study from anywhere reduces staff burden and expands the bounds of your study


Who we work with

NorthShore MU OSU UMiami Oregon Health and Science Northwell USC UPMC UC UAB UNebraska Rush Mercy Health St. Lukes Mass General
AAOS NQF Restor3d MSSIC Onkos Embody OSSIO


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