We believe patient outcomes data is the most valuable currency in healthcare.


We believe patient outcomes data is the most valuable currency in healthcare - but healthcare organizations are prevented, whether by expense or technological barriers, from realizing its true value.

We strive to be a single, transparent, and easy-to-use solution that enables users to systemically collect, measure, and analyze patient outcomes data to drive medicine forward.

Smarter Medicine Starts Here.

In nearly every industry, big data is leveraged to improve decision-making and efficiency. The healthcare industry largely lacks these capabilities.

The vision for PatientIQ is to assist healthcare experts in defining what is considered good outcomes and high quality care.

We aim to be the backbone infrastructure that drives new clinical discovery, research advancements, and incremental quality improvement in medicine.
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“Healthcare providers deserve the best technology to support them on their mission to improve patients outcomes. PatientIQ brings data-driven medicine to the bedside by empowering care providers with prediction, advanced analytics, and a platform for collaboration to move medicine forward.”

Matthew Gitelis

Founder, CEO
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“The PatientIQ platform helps healthcare providers leverage analytics to improve outcomes for patients across the country, and I’m incredibly energized to take part in that mission.”

John Gerhardt

Chief Technology Officer
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"As part of the customer team, I have the privilege to work with all the other teams within the organization. All teams at PatientIQ do a great job in collaborating to ensure we are meeting client’s needs and constantly improving our platform to expand the value it can provide."

Jill Dunn

Vice President of Customer Success
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We are based in Chicago, IL, but we are a global workforce.

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Data can be cold - we’re not. Our platform interacts with millions of patients, is utilized by providers and clinical teams across the country, and is made possible by our hardworking internal teams. Our work has meaning, and it is our duty to ensure that we treat everyone with dignity and respect in all that we do.

Continuous Improvement

Medicine is consistently evolving and so are we. Our work and our decisions are informed by data, research, and analysis. If there is something we can do to make our customers’ lives easier or to accelerate the advancement of our mission - we do it. We encourage all team members to challenge the status quo.


We achieve everything together. We partner heavily with our customers and partners to ensure we are supporting their operational and clinical objectives. Internally, we work cross-functionally and commit to idea commit to idea meritocracy - the best idea, from whomever, wins. Success is not made in silos.


Patient wellbeing depends upon our stakeholders’ ability to consistently draw actionable insights from platform. Our ability to support our stakeholders depends on us working altruistically, focused, and urgently. And our ability to derive joy from our work depends on continually fostering an environment of support.