Unlocking Data-Driven Medicine

We believe that healthcare providers lack access to high-quality, scientifically valid performance metrics. We've made it our mission to provide the platform designed to unlock data-driven medicine and improve patient outcomes.

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Our Values

In nearly every other industry - whether it’s professional sports, financial services or advanced engineering - big data is leveraged to improve decision-making and efficiency. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry lacks these capabilities.

At PatientIQ, we solve this problem one healthcare provider at a time.  

We created an automated, big data learning platform that can be used for improving patient care over time. From there, we allow like-minded healthcare providers to collaborate and share insights. The end result? A powerful data-sharing network that will inform predictive models, risk scores and ultimately guide providers in making the best possible decisions using the most relevant information.

Why We Exist

Healthcare providers deserve the best technology to support their mission of improving patient outcomes. Our platform was built by a team of researchers, biostatisticians, physicians, software engineers and other professionals who are passionate about solving complex problems in healthcare.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers with industry-leading technology to practice data-driven medicine and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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