We believe patient outcomes data is the most valuable currency in healthcare.

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We believe patient outcomes data is the most valuable currency in healthcare - but healthcare organizations are prevented, whether by expense or technological barriers, from realizing its true value. We strive to be a single, easy-to-use solution that enables healthcare organizations to systematically collect and analyze patient outcomes data to drive medicine forward.

Our story

For PatientIQ, our inception stemmed from the insight that utilizing analytics to facilitate meaningful improvements in healthcare should not be difficult.

Matthew Gitelis, CEO of PatientIQ, began his career as a financial analyst in Chicago, New York and Toronto. Coming from a medical family, he quickly recognized that the healthcare industry, despite its high stakes, largely lacked the advanced analytics he was wielding daily in finance.

This realization was further solidified when he attended medical school and conducted research for several leading academic medical centers. Wrestling with outdated data management practices and manual data extractions from electronic health records, he saw how archaic methods were stifling clinical innovation and obscuring the understanding of patient outcomes.

Matthew envisioned a solution that would revolutionize healthcare analytics. He aimed to create a platform that would not only simplify data collection and analysis for healthcare providers but also turn patient outcomes data into actionable insights.

This vision marked the inception of PatientIQ—a breakthrough in healthcare technology, born from a blend of financial acumen and medical insight, aimed at empowering providers to practice data-driven medicine and improve patient outcomes.

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Matthew Gitelis

Founder, CEO

We are based in Chicago, but we are a global workforce.


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