Take control of your online reputation


Leverage our EHR-integrated workflows to collect patient satisfaction data & manage online reputation

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Prove you are the best at what you do

Use our tool to showcase patient satisfaction, boost your online reputation, and increase new patient acquisition

How it works

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Automate the distribution of patient satisfaction surveys

  • Create and distribute custom satisfaction surveys accessible from any device

  • White-label patient interface & customize messaging to improve engagement

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Integrate review requests with satisfaction workflows

  • Automatically prompt patients to submit an online review while they fill out satisfaction surveys

  • Maximize patient attention by bundling satisfaction surveys and review requests into one message

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Quickly respond to online reviews

  • Aggregate and manage patient feedback from over 35 review sites

  • Respond to reviews from a centralized dashboard

Why it matters


Amplifying patient reviews builds credibility and drives new patient conversions

  • Strategically place glowing patient reviews on pages designed to convert new patients

  • Visualize your reputation over time and benchmark your performance against competing  businesses to inform internal improvement strategies

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Who we work with

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