Prove value

through patient outcomes data

Leverage patient-reported outcomes data so you can do more than claim high-quality care - you can prove it.

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Excellence through outcomes  

From negotiating risk-based contracts to gaining accreditations and increasing patient acquisition, practices need to do more than promise quality - they need to prove it.

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The advantage of outcomes

In a competitive market, differentiation is essential for success. By collecting and analyzing patient outcomes data, practices can uncover actionable insights to differentiate their business. 


Collect data without disruption

Operational resource constraints can impact a practice's ability to grow. 

With PatientIQ, practices gain an automated, integrated process for collecting outcomes data without additional administrative burden.

prove value

Inform areas of improvement

Successful practices utilize patient data to guide improvements in care.

Through benchmarking and advanced analytics, PatientIQ helps practices understand their outcomes and identify improvement opportunities.

Time to insight

Fuel patient acquisition

As patients grow more selective, proving quality is essential for success.

PatientIQ empowers you to leverage PROs as differentiators by gaining accreditations and establishing care quality, driving patient acquisition.


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