Meet the PatientIQ SMART on FHIR App

Streamline the Launch of an Epic-Integrated Patient Outcomes Program

Speed up the timeline for collecting patient-reported outcomes using PatientIQ's SMART on FHIR application, integrated and embedded directly into the Epic electronic health record (EHR).

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Drive Quality Improvement & Shared Decision-Making within Epic's Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Maximize the patient-provider relationship with a patient engagement platform designed to monitor and educate patients, improve satisfaction and online reputation, and garner insights for improved outcomes and quality reporting.

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White Paper

Build vs. Buy: Launching a PRO Program on Epic EHR

Use this resource to understand the complexities and requirements for building an integrated patient-reported outcomes program to drive continuous quality improvement & unlock value throughout the enterprise.

How it Works

Automate Patient Enrollment with Integrated Care Pathways

Develop patient engagement workflows using EHR-based triggers that will auto-assign patient-reported outcome measures, satisfaction surveys and custom forms, along with educational content, reminders and more for targeted patient populations.

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For Providers

Analyze ePROs, Trends, and Benchmarks within Hyperspace

Embed PatientIQ insights directly into your Epic Hyperspace experience for an optimized workflow, and empower your care teams with data-driven insights at the point-of-care, including patient trends, benchmarking and alerts.

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For IT Staff

Lower Maintenance Costs and Unlock Your IT Bandwidth

PatientIQ comes with out-of-the-box support for core Epic data models that require no customization and eliminate high maintenance costs. Our platform mold around provider-specific workflows, therefore providing a truly custom solution that meets the unique needs of your institution.

  1. Institutional decision to collect PROMs.
  2. Establish a multidisciplinary working group.
  3. Identify priorities & target patient populations.
  4. Select PROMs.
  5. Select assignment logic & cadence.
  6. Build your workflow engine.
  7. Integrate multiple distinct Epic modules.
  8. Assign the right PROM to the right patient at the right time.
  9. Develop conditional logic to ensure top-tier patient experience.
  10. Build operational dashboards for compliance monitoring.
  11. Integrate PROMs into the point of care.
  12. Solve for research, registries, and industry-sponsored studies.
  13. Solve for migration of legacy data.
  14. Train all users on new workflows.
  15. Manage post-go-live support.
  16. Ensure the ability to add new PROMs quickly.
  17. Collect your first PROM.
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