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Senior Product Manager



Are you ready to manage a product that influences healthcare and transforms the patient experience? Are you hopeful about what data and medical research can do to improve medicine? PatientIQ is growing, and we’re looking for a Product Manager. Join us and build on our intuitive and impactful platform, which aims to disrupt healthcare positively. We’re looking for a product manager to iterate on and drive the PatientIQ’s software platform to the next level.

Product at PatientIQ is a small team, and you’ll be at the forefront of building and shipping features and products that directly impact company growth, clinical care, and patient lives. Join up and use your PM knowledge to motivate your team members, prioritize features, and collaborate on future products. In this role, you will strategically ideate, build, measure and improve the platform and the end-to-end experience for our users. Spend each day advancing medicine, medical research, and improving patient outcomes as your product features come to life and positively impact more than 1 million lives.

Role Responsibilities

  • Capture product problems and possible improvements from a wide range of inputs such as users, customer support, and product metrics
  • Deeply know the problems that you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with customers
  • Understand, define and prioritize this work so your team is always working on the most impactful projects
  • Lead, motivate, and collaborate a cross-functional team of engineers, product designers, customer success and others to solve product problems
  • Ruthlessly prioritize your team’s roadmap based on new findings, company strategy and goals
  • Write specs and stories for new features
  • Identify key product metrics for each delivered feature and monitor their effectiveness
  • Constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in beta’s and after full release
  • Be an expert on our user’s needs and workflows and advocate for solutions to pain points through direct interaction with users or closely working with our Customer Success team
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Design to deliver a best in class user experience and the wider organization on product vision and strategy


  • Multiple years of professional experience in a Product Management role.
  • Strong prioritization skills and great instincts about what matters.
  • Strong sense for quality and what makes a great user experience.
  • Experienced in making data-driven product decisions and owning the outcomes of those decisions.
  • Able to determine a project's scope, key milestones, objectives, and dependencies.
  • Able to communicate product decisions and the rationale behind them.
  • Comfortable with making decisions without consensus but willing to persuade others on why the path forward is the correct one.
  • Analytical mindset, experience using product analytics/research tools.
  • Solid technical understanding of architecture and behaviors of complex web applications; can hold your own in technical discussions with engineers.
  • Entrepreneurial; don't need direction; self-driven.
  • Organized and a forward-looking planner.
  • Comfortable with an iterative and flexible development style.


  • The Works - top-notch health, dental and vision insurance. Additional perks available, including 401K.
  • We are Mission Driven - our team is motivated to solve complex problems, drive medicine forward, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
  • True Idea Meritocracy - great ideas win out. We encourage all team members to challenge the status quo because our mission demands this.
  • Flexible Time Off - we trust you to take the time you need when you feel it is appropriate, given your workload and responsibilities. No need to track it or save up.
  • World-Class Team - we’re at the top of our industry because of our employees. They’re the best investment we can make, and we never forget that.
  • Fast Growing - we are building the largest platform for healthcare providers, industry partners, researchers, and others to collaborate on the mission to improve patient outcomes.