PatientIQ is a network

PatientIQ is a platform for healthcare providers, industry partners, researchers, and others to collaborate on the mission to improve patient outcomes.

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Who is the network comprised of?

  • Physicians
  • Advanced Practitioner
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Healthcare Executives
  • Students, Residents & Fellows

Healthcare Professionals

  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biologics & Biomedical
  • Academic Societies
  • Contract Research Organizations


  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Private Practice
  • Community-based Clinics & Hospitals



What can you do on the network?

Benchmark Patient

Collaborate with Healthcare Providers

Launch Multicenter Clinical Research Studies & Registries

Accelerate Innovation on New
Drugs & Devices

Activate a Network of Providers to Collect Outcomes

Access De-Identified PROM Data Sets Catalogued by Intervention

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PatientIQ's Core Principles


PatientIQ is a privately funded healthcare software-as-a-service company.  We created this platform to improve patient outcomes and understand the importance for remaining neutral and objective.  For this reason, we have never accepted funding from industry (eg medical device companies) because this would create a conflict-of-interest.  Instead, we pride ourselves on building top-tier technology for digital patient engagement and clinical research used by many of the top 100 hospitals in the US.


At PatientIQ we are strong advocates of collaboration.  When we work together we can advance the field of medicine at a faster pace.  For example, intead of a single surgeon case series research study that may take 5 years to enroll 100 patients, at PatientIQ we have proven that we can enroll 1,000s of patients per year when we enlist the support of our community.  New insights that would have taken 5+ years by working alone can now be realized in 1-2 years when we come together.  Our role is to build the technological infrastructure to make this secure and efficient.

Data-Driven Medicine

It is vitally important that we measure our successes and failures.  In order to improve our performance as healthcare professionals, we must first begin by systematically measuring patient outcomes on every patient.
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