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Personalize the Patient Experience

Imagine you are a patient who was just diagnosed with an ACL tear...

  • Enrolled in ACL Reconstruction Pathway
  • ACL tear diagnosis video is assigned
  • Baseline ACL questionnaire is assigned
  • Patient receives an automated email and/or SMS
  • Patient self-onboards into platform
  • Digital clinical protocol is assigned
  • Preop clearance checklist
  • ACL Reconstruction video is assigned
  • PROMIS Global Health
  • PROMIS Physical Function CAT
  • PROMIS Pain Interference CAT
  • IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation
  • Digital discharge instructions protocol
  • Reminder: report signs of fever and incisional redness
  • Reminder: schedule physical therapy
  • Reminder: schedule post-op visit for suture removal
  • Physical therapy exercise instructional videos assigned
  • Receive automated alerts when patients fall below established thresholds
  • Analyze trends for patient progress over time
  • Easily review scores in the exam room alongside your patient
  • Identify patients who may require additional care
  • Capture patient satisfaction and other quality metrics