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Patient-Reported Outcomes

Buyer’s Guide: Evaluating Patient-Reported Outcome Platforms

March 22, 2023
Kendall Shadley

As the old saying goes, “not all are created equal.”

This is particularly true regarding patient-reported outcomes (PRO) platforms. From functionality to expertise, there are several factors health leaders should take into account when determining the PRO platform best equipped to meet their clinical and operational objectives.

Function Over Fashion

When evaluating any kind of healthcare technology, it’s easy to get distracted by the “flash.” Instead, stay true to focusing on function. Ask, “what baseline functionality do I need from my PRO platform to meet our needs.”

For many healthcare organizations shopping for a PRO platform, the basics come to mind. Can the platform effectively collect patient-reported outcomes data?

Yet, in attempting to answer this question alone, health leaders are bound to find tremendous variation among PRO platforms. Not to mention, the right PRO platform has more than this basic capability, as it’s been built with the understanding that patient-reported outcome collection is just one very small piece of the puzzle.

Finding Focus: Understanding the Elements of Comprehensive PRO Platform Analysis

Selecting the right PRO platform for your organization can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. Our new eBook, “Evaluating Patient-Reported Outcome Platforms” breaks down each element of functionality a PRO platform should contain. Additionally, it walks you through the expertise and customer support the vendor organization should provide to ensure you get the ROI you expect from your purchase.

Download our PRO buyer’s guide to make shopping for PRO platforms simpler than ever.
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