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Proving Value: Utilizing Patient-Reported Outcomes

March 9, 2022
Kendall Shadley
1 min

The value of collecting and measuring patient-reported outcomes is increasingly recognized amongst clinicians. Not only do patient-reported outcomes enable providers to monitor patient wellbeing and participate in shared decision-making, patient-reported outcomes empower providers and organizations to quantify the quality of their clinical care.

When considering a treatment or procedure, it’s natural for patients to face anxiety and question providers about their outcomes. Traditionally, clinicians answer these questions broadly, leaning on their years of practice and how frequently they have provided the treatment or performed the procedure. Yet, patient-reported outcomes empower clinicians to answer those questions objectively. Not only does this increase patient confidence in the provider, but organizations can also leverage patient-reported outcome data to prove their value to the industry.

For Midwest Orthopedicsat Rush, the ability to obtain this information was imperative. It’s reflected in the organization’s branding: “To feel your best, see the best.” Midwest Orthopedics at Rush utilizes patient-reported outcomes to prove it provides top-tier patient care.

Patient-Reported Outcomes: Midwest Orthopedics at Rush

Increasing the use of patient-reported outcomes was a strategic objective for Midwest Orthopedics at Rush. By partnering with PatientIQ, the organization has collected millions of patient-reported outcome measures. Additionally, as Dr. Adam Yanke, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Research, shares below, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush leverages the collected data to speak to the efficacy and quality of the services they provide.

The PatientIQ platform collects and analyzes patient-reported outcomes.
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