Measure, Track & Improve Patient Outcomes

Data-Driven Medicine

PatientIQ empowers healthcare practices with quality performance metrics and a big data learning platform to identify patient trends and predictors of patient outcomes.

Identify At-Risk Patients
Systematically collect pre-defined data elements categorized by disease status and clinical interventions.
Reduce Preventable Complications
Receive automated alerts when patients drop below established thresholds and intervene before a preventable complication arises.
Integrate Continuous Learning into Your Practice
Use our automated data aggregation services and patient workflows to begin collecting large amounts of data and improving your clinical decisions over time.

Greg Robertson, Technology Lead @ University of Missouri

Here at the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, we are very pleased with the service PatientIQ offers.  Being able to utilize this platform in our research efforts along with our day to day clinical operations will help us improve outcomes for patients.  As an academic medical center we are driven to save and improve lives both today and tomorrow.  PatientIQ is helping us do just that.  Beyond the great technical aspects of the company is the commitment to service that sets PatientIQ apart.

Dr. Shane Nho, Orthopaedic Surgeon @ Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

PatientIQ has been a game changer for integrating academic research workflows into my clinical practice. Our team at Rush is dedicated to advancing medicine and publishing peer-reviewed research. The PatientIQ platform allows our surgeons, researchers, students and colleagues to all collaborate in a powerful platform for both collecting and analyzing data in workflows that make sense.

Improve the Patient Experience

PatientIQ empowers care teams to systematically engage patients before and after clinical encounters using our decision-tree based care pathways. Send the right information at the right time to your patients and identify patients at-risk of complications before they occur.

Personalized Care Pathways
Create personalized pathways that engage patients throughout their entire health episode starting at the point of diagnosis.
Patient Education
Empower patients with personalized education content and inspire them to take ownership of their care.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Connect with your patients on a deeper level and demonstrate your passion for their long-term well being.

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Patient Reported Outcomes

Our platform painlessly captures patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in a workflow optimized for the in-demand healthcare provider. We intelligently summarize our findings and empower healthcare providers with unprecedented insights into a patient's symptoms, function, and quality of life.

Integrated PROs
Integrate patient-reported outcomes into your routine clinical care. Identify patient trends before complications occur.
Quality Improvement
Analyse cohorts of patients and identify areas for targeted improvements by service line, healthcare provider, disease group or procedure.
PROMIS Computer Adaptive Tests
Leverage our library of fully integrated PROMIS Computer Adaptive Tests to reduce the patient question burden and generate scientifically valid results.