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Data-Driven Product
Development & Marketing

Partner with PatientIQ to establish a long-term, data-driven strategy for systematically measuring outcomes on your full product range. Generate high-quality peer reviewed research to support your products and integrate a real-time feedback loop for ongoing product development.

Real-time Patient-Reported Outcomes
Gain unprecedented insights throughout the full life cycle of your products from the patient's perspective.
Track Product Usage & Performance
Build a network of customers using your products and systematically track outcomes and performance metrics.
Evidence Based Marketing Strategy
Empower your sales organization with data-driven metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of your products.

Patrick Treacy, Founder & CEO @ Onkos Surgical

Onkos Surgical has partnered with PatientIQ to launch a platform for the collection of clinical data for surgical oncology patients. Onkos Surgical has a singular commitment to advancing innovation that will dramatically change the lives of surgical oncology patients.  Providing innovation comes with the responsibility of collecting clinical data that will help surgeons track and report on meaningful outcomes measurements.

Dr. Ross Wilkins, Senior Medical Director @ AlloSource

AlloSource’s commitment to improve and provide safe, quality tissue products to our clinicians is the cornerstone of our clinical research program.  Our team is excited to partner with PatientIQ on critically important initiatives including the launch of our prospective ProChondrix multicenter study. The PatientIQ platform allows real-time collaboration with our customers and changes the research paradigm going forward.

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Connect with your clientele on a deeper level on the mission to improve patient outcomes.

Partner with Healthcare Providers on the pIQ Network
Leading healthcare providers already trust PatientIQ to measure clinical and patient-reported outcomes.
Optimized for the In-Demand Clinician
pIQ was designed to seamlessly integrate with the busy day-to-day workflow of a healthcare provider.
Share the Mission to Improve Patient Outcomes
Demonstrate to your clientele that you share their passion for improving outcomes and the quality of care for their patients.

Join other leading healthcare providers, academic hospitals, private practices, and other stakeholders passionate about improving patient outcomes today.

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Clinical Registries & Research
powered by pIQ

The pIQ Network is perfect for hosting outcomes registries.  Our team of experts can guide you through designing your database, drafting the protocol, IRB regulatory approvals, post-market surveillance requirements, and launching a high-quality research project that will answer important clinical questions.

Multicenter Registries
Start collecting data across your user base at hospitals located anywhere.
Prospective & Retrospective Research
Design new prospective research studies or leverage existing data in a retrospective study design.
Cost Effective & Proven Platform
Start systematically collecting outcomes on your full product range in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Market Research & 
Product Benchmarking

Compare your product's performance versus other competing products on the market.

Benchmark Performance Metrics
Leverage the pIQ platform statistics decision engine to analyze data in real-time and compare products side-by-side.
Demonstrate Superiority
Compare patient-reported outcomes, complication rates, survival metrics, and other endpoints specific to your product category.
Stay Ahead of the Competition
Be the first to know how your products stack up to the competition.