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PatientIQ to Launch Nation’s Largest Hip Arthroscopy Quality Improvement Program

CHICAGO, March 15, 2022/PRWeb/ -- PatientIQ, a leader in patient-reported outcomes collection and analysis, has partnered with Hip Surgical Treatment Registry (HipSTR), a 501(c)(3) organization led by Marc Safran, MD of Stanford University, to establish the nation’s largest hip arthroscopy quality improvement program. HipSTR is a collaboration to establish the national benchmarks for hip arthroscopy surgical outcomes, identify best practices in surgical technique and improve patient care.

Powered by the PatientIQ platform, HipSTR will enable hip arthroscopists to analyze their performance relative to a national average and identify factors contributing to optimal patient outcomes. Program participants will work in partnership with practitioners across the country to identify best practices, quality improvement opportunities, and trends for continued research. Additionally, the program will help to define the overall value and efficacy of hip arthroscopy.

The program will be a multi-center collaboration, gaining at least fifty contributing organizations by end of year. Prior to launch, more than ten leading healthcare organizations have committed to participate.  There are no subscriptions fees for participants to contribute to the program or the limited access to the PatientIQ platform.

HipSTR is governed by the HipSTR Board of Directors including:

“Collaboration is foundational to advancing clinical practice,” said Marc Safran, MD, Professor and Chief of the Division of Sports Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine. “With the breadth of the PatientIQ platform’s functionality and clinical network, HipSTR is uniquely empowered to help advance orthopedic surgical practice.”

“Initiatives like HipSTR are why PatientIQ exists,” said Matt Gitelis, CEO, PatientIQ. “We empower practitioners with data driven insights that will help to push the boundaries of medicine and result in improved outcomes for patients across the country.”

About HipSTR

HipSTR is a quality assessment and improvement program with the primary focus of creating a national benchmark for outcomes of hip arthroscopy. Participants will be able to see and analyze their own outcomes data and be able to compare them against the national benchmark. This will give the surgeon feedback on their own outcomes relative to the national average. HipSTR will also allow overall assessment of the value and efficacy of certain procedures. This may serve hip arthroscopists by demonstrating to payors the benefits of certain procedures that currently do not have billing codes, providing justification for these procedures. Additional goals include identifying trends which may benefit from further research and, overall, to help optimize our patients’ outcomes.

About PatientIQ        

PatientIQ is the healthcare technology partner for practicing data-driven medicine. Its scalable, cloud-based platform enables healthcare organizations to collect, analyze, and improve patient-reported outcomes. The PatientIQ platform features a proprietary analytics engine that helps to track patient trends, predict patient outcomes, inform clinical decision-making, and optimize quality improvement and reporting. Partnering with hospitals, health systems, private practices, and industry customers, PatientIQ has demonstrated years of experience and an unparalleled ability to help push the boundaries of medicine. For more, visit www.patientiq.io.

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