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South Bend Orthopaedics, PatientIQ Expand Partnership to Target Quality and Patient Experience Improvement

SOUTH BEND, July 7 /PRWeb/ --South Bend Orthopaedics(SBO), a nationally recognized orthopedic practice, announced today it has expanded its partnership with PatientIQ,a leading healthcare technology company that derives actionable insights from patient outcomes data. The expansion will enable SBO to facilitate continuous quality improvement and enhance the patient experience.

High-quality care delivery is a strategic priority for SBO and a key driver of its initial interest in PatientIQ. SBO first partnered with the healthcare technology company to facilitate research and understand how treatment decisions, medical devices, and other variables impact clinical outcomes. By expanding use of the PatientIQ platform across the organization, SBO will now be able to leverage analytical insights at the point of care, provide patient education, benchmark outcomes, and more comprehensively assess the quality of care it provides patients across Indiana.  

“Modern clinical care is a two-way exchange,” said Dr. AJ Mencias, President of South Bend Orthopaedics. “We need to holistically understand how our actions impact patient outcomes, and that requires the ability to collect and provide patients with important health information. PatientIQ is an invaluable partner in that effort.”

The PatientIQ platform automatically enrolls patients into digital care pathways that collect and measure patient-reported outcomes at key points during the care journey. These pathways also proactively provide patients with educational materials relative to conditions, procedures, diet and lifestyle modifications, and more.

“Improving patient outcomes requires empowering the patient with the information they need to be successful, and our platform was built on that understanding,” said Matt Gitelis, CEO, PatientIQ. “We are eager to help SBO extend its reach with its patient population and further its ability to comprehensively assess the quality of its care delivery.”  

Expansion with South Bend Orthopaedics follows a $20 million series b fundraise for PatientIQ, as well as the addition of Aligned Orthopaedics to its customer portfolio. PatientIQ customers include multi-specialty practices, hospitals and health systems, healthcare payers, and industry partners across the country.

About South Bend Orthopaedics

South Bend Orthopaedics provides specialized care for all musculoskeletal surgery and orthopaedic rehabilitation patients, as well as those suffering from work-related and sports injuries. Founded on the principle of providing excellence in orthopaedics, SBO has been serving the needs of the northern half of Indiana and southern Michigan since 1947 and functions as the Orthopaedic Surgeons for The University of Notre Dame Athletics Department since 1949. Services include joint replacement, sports medicine, upper and lower extremity surgery, pain management, diagnostic imaging, physical and occupational therapy. With 24 physicians and surgeons and multiple other advanced practitioners with several locations, SBO is proud to be the trusted orthopaedic experts for South Bend and the surrounding region.

About PatientIQ

PatientIQ is the healthcare technology partner for deriving actionable insights from patient outcomes data. The PatientIQ platform is a cloud-based solution that empowers hospitals, health systems, private practices, and industry partners to systemically collect, measure and analyze patient-reported outcomes data to improve clinical and operational performance. With the single, EHR-integrated platform, leveraging a proprietary analytics engine, healthcare organizations are empowered to continuously capture patient progress and derive intelligent insights that enable better care - without increased administrative burden. In addition to outcomes analysis, the platform facilitates collaboration, bringing together data-driven clinicians from across the country to accelerate research, participate in registries, and push medicine forward. PatientIQ has demonstrated years of experience and a superior ability to transform patient outcomes into actionable intelligence. For more, visit www.patientiq.io.

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