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Online Reputation & Satisfaction

3 Reasons Why Providers Should Care About Online Reviews

January 4, 2022
Jeffrey Mutchnik
2 mins

Online physician reputation has quickly become the most influential decision-making factor for patients choosing a new healthcare provider. According to SmartInsights’ research, 81% of people search online when buying a product or service, confirming that a pristine digital presence is increasingly valuable to growing a practice. In addition, social media, and physician-rating websites such as Google Reviews, Healthgrades, and Vitals, offer patients a way to provide feedback and obtain information about physician performance and quality, both good and bad.

Online reputation management (ORM) has rapidly grown as a central, effective marketing and patient experience strategy and can provide lasting advantages for your practice. Here are three significant benefits to investing more towards your online reputation:

1. Increase Referrals and Drive New Patient Revenue

Accruing a positive online review history is proven to bring new patients to your practice. According to a 1000-patient research report by Software Advice, 90% of patient respondents use online reviews to evaluate physicians. In addition, nearly half (43%) would go out of their insurance network for a provider with positive reviews. The data shows that more patients than ever before are seeking online resources to access care.

2. Build Trust & Credibility with Patients

Patients value a well-documented positive experience from other patients. To provide the best experience, capture your patients’ voices to understand how they perceive their care. Patient-reported outcome assessments, satisfaction surveys, and online review requests are all ways to glean patient feedback. Follow the data trends and ensure you are facilitating a positive patient experience, while building trust and credibility for your practice.

3. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Search Visibility

While online physician reviews are not necessarily known for their accuracy or honesty, online search giants like Google or Bing will preferentially favor physicians with positive sentiment and activity. A high number of positive reviews will improve your organic local search rankings. For example, when a patient searches “knee surgeons near me,” Google will show local surgeons with the best online reputation at the top of the search rankings. According to research by SEO company BrightLocal, maintaining a Google MyBusiness profile and generating online reviews contribute to 33% of the factors associated with local search rankings. 

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