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A Flexible Work Culture for Our Employees

June 27, 2022
Jessica Criollo
2 mins

As a growing healthcare tech company, we're proud we take a people-first approach to our culture. But what does that look like? We let empathy drive our decision-making. Since our founding, we've prioritized creating a flexible work environment to meet our employee's unique needs. 

We see each team member as a person and understand they have various other things they do outside of their job. They shouldn't have to choose between the demands of everyday life and fulfilling their professional ambitions. We've always prioritized flexibility and have been intentional about encouraging it over the past few years. Here's how: 

Remote-First Environment 

We understand that different work environments fit each employee's needs. And that is why we've decided to be remote-first and work towards a hybrid future

We enable employees to find the work scenario that makes them successful - whether in the office or at home. We trust our employees to work in the environment that best suits their needs.

Flexible PTO

As we started prioritizing our employee's well-being, we recognized that a limited PTO policy forced them to be selective about attending major life events like weddings or family gatherings. You shouldn't have to choose between planned days off and time off for unexpected events. PatientIQ doesn't restrict those decisions for you.

We allow our team to take the time they need when they need it. Implementing a flexible PTO policy allows our employees to manage commitments and passions in their personal lives, but it also keeps inclusion in mind. Not everyone celebrates the same holidays or participates in the same cultural events, so having this policy in place allows us to keep diversity in mind and keep each of our employees personally and professionally satisfied. 

Flexible Schedules

Sometimes things come up. Maybe we need to motivate ourselves by going on a walk at lunch. Or perhaps we need to pick up our children from school. Or go to that scheduled doctor appointment we forgot about. PatientIQ understands. Our goal is to figure out how we fit into our employees' lives in a way that’s convenient for them. 

Our flexible scheduling is built on trust and transparency. We are transparent with our expectations so you can decide on how to get your work done. And we are flexible because we understand everyone’s personal schedules are different. Although we expect our team members to be available to our customers and their team during typical business hours, we know it's not realistic for them to sit in front of their computers the full eight hours every single day throughout the year.

We care about our employees and want to prioritize their success. Our flexible culture is allowing for this and creating a happier and more successful working environment for them. Ready to be part of it? 

Be part of PatientIQ's flexible culture.
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