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PatientIQ CEO, Matt Gitelis, Leads Grand Rounds at New England Baptist Hospital

January 4, 2022
Jeffrey Mutchnik
2 min read

New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH), a top-tier orthopaedic specialty hospital, partnered with PatientIQ, a Chicago-based healthcare technology company, in February 2020 to revamp their outcomes and research infrastructure using the more modern and scalable PatientIQ platform. NEBH’s goal – to further define its institution and healthcare providers as the best in the region – is now be quantified using insights generated by PatientIQ’s software.

During the implementation process, PatientIQ’s technical team worked closely with IT leadership at NEBH to tightly integrate the PatientIQ platform into the Cerner electronic health record.  Now, all patients being treated for Total Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty, Cervical Spine, or Lumbar Spine surgical procedures at NEBH are automatically enrolled into highly personalized digital care pathways.  

Each pathway is designed to measure a patient’s pre-operative status, including their quality of life, pain, physical function, surgical expectations, and other goals unique to the patient. In the days leading up to surgery, patients are also sent personalized educational content from their surgeons.  Post-operatively, patients are remotely monitored, and their outcomes are re-assessed at defined intervals to measure the success of the procedures objectively.

"I've been looking at different versions of registry software for the last 18 years, and PatientIQ is definitely one of the more user friendly versions, and probably the best overall package that I've seen," said Dr. Carl Talmo, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and the Vice Chair of Orthopedic Research at NEBH. "This is by far a big improvement than what we had in the past."

Dr. Brian Hollenbeck, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology at NEBH, recently invited PatientIQ’s Founder and CEO, Matt Gitelis, to speak at the hospital’s grand rounds. In his presentation to the orthopaedic surgeons and front-line healthcare providers in attendance, Matt highlighted how PatientIQ’s platform helps support them with real-time dashboards for measuring outcomes of new treatments and surgical techniques. Now, instilling a culture of quality and innovation is easy for NEBH to integrate into its daily clinical workflows.

Looking ahead, PatientIQ is excited to continue to grow this partnership with NEBH. In addition to supporting clinical researchers launching new studies on PatientIQ’s platform, the parties are in the process of inviting other hospitals into the PatientIQ Network to collaborate, benchmark outcomes, and collectively drive medicine forward.

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