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Establishing a Positive Workplace Culture: An Interview with CEO, Matt Gitelis

June 14, 2022
Matt Gitelis
2 mins

A shift in workplace culture has taken place in wake of COVID-19, and people are looking for a more positive and healthier work environment. 

77% of adults said they would "consider a company's culture" before seeking a job there. Another 56% noted they found a good workplace culture to be "more important than salary" when it came to job satisfaction - meaning that positive workplace culture is an integral part of business and the time to act on it is now. 

At PatientIQ, we prioritize our company culture and provide our team with an environment to thrive in. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew Gitelis, digs deeper into how he prioritizes creating a positive workplace culture at PatientIQ: 

What factors do you think are most important in driving a positive workplace culture?

Communication and transparency. We are one company, and we all deserve to be in the know regarding our business. We work hard to maintain a culture of trust to ensure everyone is comfortable to collaborate. We want to hear our employees’ opinions and keep an open dialogue with them about what we could do better. And it’s paying off -  Built In has named us one of the Best Places to Work in Chicago two years in a row and named us as one of the Best Paying Companies in the area. We’re proud to create an environment our team thrives in. 

How do you maintain employee satisfaction? 

We focus on benefits and work-life balance. Especially since the pandemic, it has never been more important to help our employees draw the line between work and home. Our unlimited PTO policy helps there - empowering our employees to take the time when they need it. 

In addition to that, we prioritize growth. We've seen our employees really appreciate opportunities to learn and further their skill sets, so we focus on providing the tools and training necessary to support their personal and professional development. Learning comes in many forms; we approach each employee's development to meet them where they are and create a learning experience that works best for them. This approach doesn't just maximize our employees' potential. It accelerates the value we can deliver to customers, too.

Why is culture so crucial at PatientIQ?  

Our employees are the root of our company. The capacity each of them has to grow and adapt to new areas in our business is incredible. If we don't provide a culture that supports them, our company will not succeed. Capitalizing on our employees' abilities, embracing their potential, and having a positive workplace culture will create resilience that will sustain us in the future.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year to advance workplace culture? 

The resilience of our team and their commitment to our mission has us excited to take on whatever lies ahead. We've created a culture of collaboration, transparency, and growth, and we will continue to focus on how we maintain that and build upon it.

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