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Excelling in Engineering - Open Positions & Open Minds

June 14, 2022
Kendall Shadley
1 min

PatientIQ has been rapidly growing since 2016 - from just 29 customers to now more than 200 across the country. To adequately support these healthcare organizations, PatientIQ has invested in its internal expertise. For example, with our recent $20M series b funding, the PatienIQ team will double in size by the end of the year. 

One of the largest teams at PatientIQ is our engineering department. We know that, as a software as a service provider, we are only as successful as our ability to optimize our product and provide tangible results for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. 

That said, the engineering team is looking to grow further. It is searching for professionals that have the technical expertise and positive, hard-working attitude needed to keep pushing medicine forward. 

We recently spoke with front-end software engineer, Brad Smith about the engineering team - what he appreciates about the teams’ dynamic and what it takes to succeed in the department. 

An Engineering Q&A: Brad Smith, Front-End Software Engineer 

Q: The engineering team has grown extensively since 2016. What do you enjoy most about your work?

A: It’s really special to be part of a team that values everyones’ unique perspectives. Everyone’s experiences are diverse and, by approaching each project or problem with that in mind, we are constantly learning from each other and turning fresh ideas into very tangible action items. 

Q: So it sounds like an open mind is an engineering “must-have.”

A: Absolutely. It is something we actually reiterate in our team meetings and brainstorms. Projects can become complex, so an open mind is essential to make sure we come up with most effective solutions.

Q: What else is essential to be successful on the PatientIQ engineering team?

A: It goes hand-in-hand with having an open mind - being an active listener. Like everything else in life, you can’t listen to respond, you have to listen to understand. 

Q: That’s so true - and I’d imagine that breeds a pretty collaborative culture.

A: Yes, 100%. We love when our team members share ideas and don't hesitate to jump in and participate in our smallest and our most significant conversations. 

Q: What is the engineering team looking to accomplish by the end of the year?

A: What aren’t we trying to accomplish! Honestly, we are just consistently focused on optimizing our offering. Our platform helps healthcare providers across the country improve patient outcomes, so we can’t let our foot off the gas. Our mission is too important and impactful. 

Join the Team

The PatientIQ engineering team continues to thrive because it embodies a culture of support and creative thinking. Ready to join us? 

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