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Prioritizing Culture at PatientIQ

June 15, 2022
Kendall Shadley
2 mins

At the core of PatientIQ's values is our commitment to improving healthcare. To do so, we recognize the need to prioritize our customers’ goals and have a team that can effectively support them. 

As such, it’s vital for us to prioritize workplace culture. We strive to maintain an environment that supports each employee and focuses on their needs. Our employees' personal and professional fulfillment is essential to us, and we ensure each new hire can learn, grow, and explore their interests.

We sat down with Marketing Specialist, Jessica Criollo, to hear her take on the workplace culture at PatientIQ:

In Her Words: PatientIQ Culture According to Marketing Specialist, Jessica Criollo

Why did you decide to join PatientIQ?

I've always been interested in the healthcare field but never got the opportunity to explore it. I wanted to join the healthcare field because of my desire to help patients and make a difference. When the opportunity to join PatientIQ came up, I had to take it. PatientIQ presented me with the perfect role to help me impact the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes. I was very interested in PatientIQ’s mission, and the clear prioritization of employees’ happiness.

What projects have you been able to take on? 

So many, which I love! I will say I've found the digital marketing projects the most interesting. Seeing the data, trends, and analytics come together has been really fascinating to look at, and it's made it much more satisfying when a project performs well. I wanted more hands-on experience on these types of projects, so I'm glad PatientIQ has given me the chance to do so. I’ve also found it fun to explore more of the creative side of marketing. There’s no shortage of projects, and I really appreciate that I’m consistently involved in projects.

What is your favorite part of being part of the team? 

The people. I've only been here a short time, but have learned so much from them. Our company is full of knowledgeable people, and they've all been very willing to sit down with me to help me digest new information and understand the robust functionality of our platform. It has been great getting to know everybody and to lean on their additional set of wisdom when I have further questions. 

What do you like about the culture at PatientIQ? 

PatientIQ understands that employees need personal time to succeed in their roles. Because we are provided with flexible time off, I've been able to come back refreshed and give my all to my work. I don't have to worry about working additional hours to get time off or about tracking; the company trusts that I'll plan accordingly to take the time I need. 

How is PatientIQ helping you grow professionally? 

I’m empowered to take the lead. The company is growing very quickly, and there are many things for us to do, so I've been able to be part of projects I wouldn't be able to otherwise. I can participate in conversations with senior management and step out of my comfort zone to make a project come to life. I only started a couple of months ago and I've already had a hand in supporting our brand, customer communication, and social media strategy. I'm incredibly excited to see how this role evolves even further!

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