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The Role of Core Values at PatientIQ

June 14, 2022
Kendall Shadley
1 min

Our mission at PatientIQ is to improve patient outcomes, and this requires empowering providers with the information, tools, and support they need to provide top-tier clinical care. 

To achieve this mission, our company is rooted in a well-defined set of company values. These values guide us, keeping us ever-focused on our why.


Our customers’ goals are our goals. We are passionate about helping our partners achieve their clinical, financial, and operational objectives. 

Meaningful Interactions

Healthcare is a service industry requiring meaningful connections. We are committed to building meaningful connections internally, and helping our customers meaningfully interact with their patient populations. Our dedication to this core value has led to new partnerships such  Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and UAB Medicine


Core to our operations is integrity. We believe in transparency and honesty both in our customer relationships and in the development of our product. We focus on customer feedback, combined with internal objectives, to ensure our platform effectively serves the healthcare community. 

Continuous Improvement 

The PatientIQ platform is often utilized by healthcare organizations for continuous quality improvement - internally we’re focused on the same. We are dedicated to ensuring our software supports our customers and achieves our mission.

Our core values maintain a culture of transparency and commitment. As we continue to grow, these values will continue to serve as our foundation for success. 

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