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Uncover the Blind Spot in Your Value-Based Care Strategy

March 28, 2023
Kendall Shadley

Value-based care has established a firm foothold in healthcare and shows no clear signs of retreating. From risk-based insurer contracts to government incentives and consumer preferences, there are several drivers pushing hospitals and health systems to create strategic plans focused on fulfilling the requirements of true value-based care delivery.

Yet, while these plans are created, health leaders often run into challenges with execution – particularly when those plans do not adequality address a key requirement of value-based care.

Proving Value – An Essential Value-Based Care Strategy Component

To meet the government, insurer, and consumer requirements, hospitals and health systems have to accomplish three essential tasks:

  1. Quantify the value of its current care delivery
  2. Identify and address areas of low value
  3. Quantifiably demonstrate the high-value care the organization provides to the respective stakeholders

As a set, these tasks may seem straightforward. Yet, discuss quality improvement with any hospital or health system’s Center for Excellence and you’ll hear first hand how challenging it is to not only identify areas of low value but also adequately address them.

The Value Challenge

Why can quality improvement be so difficult? A multitude of reasons, chief among them being organizational bias and roadblocks and data collection.

From the organizational side, it is extremely difficult to truly get an unbiased perspective of the quality of our own care delivery. It’s hard to see past our own assumptions and beliefs about what we do or provide. And, should we be able to see past ourselves to identify true improvement areas, too often there are institutional roadblocks (whether technological or operational) that make adequately addressing the issue very, very challenging.

Outside of the organizational challenges, it can be very challenging to quantify quality. Quality, value… as terms, they’re rather vague. Yet, there are very tangible metrics organizations need to meet to truly deliver value-based care. Hospitals and health systems need to be able to collect the data they need, effectively and accurately, to truly assess the value of their current state care.

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